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Hamburger and Cheese

A 4 week Group Programme

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Myth  busting 

Cholesterol has had bad press in recent years. Up to date research confirms that cholesterol is fundamental to our health and well-being. Learn how to manage cholesterol to stay healthy and reduce your risk of disease processes.

This programme is for you if you are:

Worried about heart disease, including angina and heart attack

Worried about your blood fats profile, or cholesterol test

Worried about your blood pressure

Worried about having a stroke

Taking cholesterol lowering medication and want to find out more

This Group Programme Includes:

A live weekly webinar (recorded), to include activities, education and behaviour management which teaches you how to embed new habit and make them stick

Access to our private FB Group to support you through the programme, with daily input

A Health Questionnaire that helps you to monitor progression and success

Understanding your Blood  Test results

Understanding which supplements might help

Downloadable fact sheets and handouts, including a shopping list check sheet and recipes

Exclusive prices for our 1:1 services

Health Coaching to help you understand what motivates you to succeed and keep you on track.

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Weekly online meetings



Week 0. A Welcome email with shopping list, recipes and health questionnaire

Week 1. Cholesterol! 

Week 2.  Other fats ​

Week 3.  The impact of sugar on cholesterol levels and cardiac health.

Week 4 . Understanding medications

Week 5. Congratulations! Carry on the good work. Where next for more support?

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