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A healthy workforce is a healthy business


Corporate Wellness

Attention to the well-being of our staff brings positive results in terms of attendance, retention and productivity.

Coming from a nursing background, Carla and Liz have seen how illness can seriously disrupt people’s lives, not just in terms of the illnesses debilitating effects but also impacting on earning potential. Carla and Liz are passionate about helping people to stay fit and well. We can teach you how to minimise the risk of illness and can offer health coaching methods to keep you on track. We offer a number of Corporate Wellness Programmes to help the employees of your business thrive.


Our Corporate Wellness Programmes

Wellness Events

Wellness Days or Wellness Weeks are offered and can include talks, workshops, pop up clinics and group challenges which can be tailored to your needs. Popular topics include energy, gut health, stress management  healthy lunchboxes, immunity boosters and seasonal programmes


Pop-Up Clinic

Pop-up Clinics offer a way to meet employees during a 30 minute one-to-one consultation. As nurses Carla and Liz are familiar with health screening tools that can be used to monitor staff well-being. Health concerns can be discussed in a confidential setting and bespoke advice can be offered.

Wellness Advice

Carla and Liz offer wellness and lifestyle advice via your newsletters or online portals. Fun tips, talks and challenges can inspire camaraderie as well as health improvement. 

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Group Challenges

Group challenges can be a fun way to embed new lifestyle and nutrition habits. A Group Challenge can be rolled out as a stand alone project or after a talk, workshop or wellness event, helping to inspire a positive working community

Carla & Liz

Carla and Liz have over 60 years combined experience as nurses

Health Education has been a big part of our role. We have lectureship experience, not just for fellow colleagues but also for people who have very little health awareness. Passionate about helping people to stay fit and well, Carla and Liz use the Corporate Wellness Programmes to reach out to as many people as possible, to share their knowledge and experience.

If your business wants support, book now for a complimentary call.

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