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Water -the forgotten nutrient

Water is often be referred to as the forgotten nutrient. Even in 2014 scientists were still debating how much water we should drink!


What does water do in our bodies? We have probably all read statistics (and, if you are like me, promptly forgotten them!) like 60 % of our body is made up of water, 30 % of this exists outside our cells and the rest is inside the cells. Water acts as a carrier for nutrients and waste products. It acts as a building material forming parts of many different molecules. It works as a lubricant and as a shock absorber for our internal organs. And of course, it helps us regulate our temperature, forming sweat which evaporates to help us cool off.


How much do we actually need? Well, that depends on you! If you are very active and get hot, your body will need more water. Also, the bigger you are, the more you need. A guide recommendation is 1.5 to 2.5 litres per day. This doesn’t have to be pure water, herbal teas, fruit juices and milk can count too and there is some water in your food, more in fruits and vegetables than that cream bun that you were about to pick up!


I don’t like water! What else can I drink? To be honest, I don’t like water much either. I’m a builders tea drinker! But this type of tea has a diuretic effect, which means it makes you pee more. So does regular coffee. I tend to drink weak versions of these beverages. Herbal teas are good. You get added antioxidants and phytochemicals (health promoting plant chemicals/compounds) with herbal teas. Fruit juices are OK as long as you watch the sugar. I’d restrict fruit juice to one glass a day (200ml). And milk can also count, but milk also contains sugar (even if you haven’t added it to your latte). Processed fizzy drinks are full of all sorts of nasties so I really would recommend leaving these out. Try an infuser water bottle instead. You can pack these with your favourite flavours, lemon, mint, orange, lime, cucumber, strawberry, apple etc and this way you are getting the added benefits of those aforementioned antioxidants and phytochemicals.


Is it possible to drink too much water? Yes, it is. If you are constantly sipping away at a water bottle and end up drinking 4 plus litres a day (assuming you haven’t exercised) you risk washing away vital electrolytes, sodium being the most vulnerable.


Detoxification. So, this is a little prompt to remember the significance of this forgotten nutrient and treat yourself to a bit of a detox even if it’s just for the next 24 hours. Focus on some good

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